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How many shades of black
in the universe’s ancient shadows
midnight blue through to charcoal grey
swirling together
ebony mixing with taupe
in a turmoil of onyx and jet
a great liquorice wheel
of silhouette and turmoil

and God breathed in
and God breathed out
and on God’s breath was an invitation
‘Let there be light’

and the chaos heard
and reshaped itself
and flowed into structure and sequence
and disclosed the light
to reveal all the bright colours of the universe

and in that single breath
and Ruth
and Bill
and Jean
and Anna
and Rebecca
and Ramsey
and each one of us
bright and colourful and vivid
was named and loved

Good morning
Let us worship the creator




                          Genesis 1

One Word

For two voices with Ludovico Einaudi's Time Lapse playing in the background

1 silence
2 heartbeat
1 darkness
2 swirling
1 chaos
2 spirit
1 brooding
2 word
1 light
2 exploding
1 splintering
2 fracturing
1 forging
2 spawning


1 chaos
2 unscrambling
1 untangling
2 weaving
1 water
2 and sky
1 horizon
2 blue-line
1 aqua
2 azure
1 sky-blue
2 deep-sea-green


1 earth
2 ocean
1 land
2 sea
1 granite
2 surf
1 gemstone
2 rain
1 diamond
2 wave


1 sun
2 moon
1 dawn
2 tide
1 waxing
2 waning
1 summer
2 harvest
1 sunrise
2 sunset


1 microbes
2 bacteria
1 algae
2 single cell
1 blue whale
2 pilot fish
1 T rex
2 mammoth
1 fur
2 wool
1 scales
2 feathers


1 holy
2 midwife
1 dust
2 breath
1 skin
2 bone
1 divine
2 human
1 purpose
2 love
1 let-us
2 make
1 them
2 in-our
1 own
2 image
1 poetry
2 art
1 music
2 science
1 learning
2 philosophy
1 wisdom
2 love
1 faith
2 hope
1 own
2 image
1 good
2 good

1 very good


1 rest
2 Amen



As you host this meal
between times, O God
in this temporary lay-by in life
ad the world shifts between the dark
and the light
and as we are invited to attend here
feasting only enough
to confirm the promise
till the next time
may we be able to let go
and not hold on
to what we do
may we not try and save you
or capture you
but find you
with us here
between worlds
in the traveling
the seeking
the wandering
in the transient promises of this world
and as we eat
this temporary meal
we hear angels singholy holy holy God
God of power and might
heaven and earth are full of your glory
hosanna in the highest
blessed is the one who comes in your name
hosanna in the nighest

So may we share here
what is shared in heaven
and know here
the promise
between times
that we are accompanied
on the way.

So be it


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