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Did you notice the stillness
when the snow was falling,
a thick silence
that spilled across the earth

All the noise was shut away
locked behind doors
kept to living rooms and TV sets

This was the time for peace,
for silence to be set free

and when you walked through it
snow up to your knees
late Wednesday evening
around the cross

you noticed it’s unfamiliar presence
a stranger not of this world

But it gave time
time we don’t often get
to do, think, and be something else

Such is the peace
that passes
too quickly
and all understanding



Winter (during the snow)

                          Job 37:5-14

Contemplate the snow


in the silence of snowfall
and the lull in these days
when we have found time
to pause our daily routines
and find ourselves in an unfamiliar place
out-with the ordinariness
may we learn the gift
that pausing brings



as we found ourselves
locked in
and we were all stir crazy
needing something to do
as the snow captured us
may we learn from the gift
of finding new routines


and as we found ourselves
cleaning houses
dusting furniture
sorting cupboards
trying to be filled with a new purpose
when the way we normally recognise ourselves
is hidden under the snow
may we learn from the gift
of recognising a different side of ourselves
And yes, God
the frustration too
the things we needed to get done
the appointments we couldn’t keep
the meetings we should have attended
brought to nothing by a greater peace
may we move again
to the gift of a different rhythm



So that we
and you, O God
meet each other again
not from the old certainty of our routines
but from this new experience
that has caused us to pause
and reflect
and in so doing
find the gift
you have shaped us with

So be it



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