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O the stories this place holds
of people and prayers
The walls have heard it all
the glass has seen it all

Reformations and disruptions
assemblies and arguments
care for a parish and love for neighbour

But this is not the house God builds
that is altogether grander
and more wonderful

let us bring our own temples
the people we are
and the stories we hold
from land
from sea
from hillside
from glen
from city
from coast
and worship God









David & the Temple



Holy God
The story in the stone
the light in the glass
the silence in the sanctuary

Holy God
the gospel of love unfolding
the means of grace unconditional
the way of truth uncompromising

Holy God
the cross at the centre of everything
the giving of self through everything
the dying to self for everything

Holy God
the stone that rolls in the morning
the break of the darkness at sunrise
the footprint in the grass at dawn

Holy God
the eternal community that gathers round these stories
the long hope that holds these stories to be true
the deep love that trusts these stories will change us

In these ways
from our inheritance of faith
and our hope for the future
may we know you Holy God
beyond the wood and stone
may we know you
shaping community
redeeming the world
loving neighbour

In these ways
where faith is a purpose
and love is an intent
and grace is a means to others closer into you
may our souls find you
establishing your house
your generation
your family

that all that has shaped this building
over many centuries
plays out still
in our living towards each other
and the life we share with each other

May these stones
be just the echo
of the living community you build
that worships here
but lives everywhere
where there is need
and a calling
and a neighbour

Holy God
word of life
body of Christ
community of faith

In such ways we belong to you
and we give thanks

So be it


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