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May this meeting place
be our constant

as ideas come and go
in times that are uncertain
may this be our constant

through reformations and revolutions
through referendums and changing worldview
as hope and uncertainty flow together
may this be our constant:
broken bread
and spilled wine

Here is the gospel
shaped in love
shared through grace
open to all
where the love of God
is our constant

Come all you people
let us worship the One
who calls us
and meets us here


Table Welcome

This is an open table.
The saints of old
and the prophets of the past
meet us here.

Those whose faith is found in questions
and those who faith is found in assurance;
those who read their bibles daily
and those who do not;
those who can recite the creed
and those who hesitate;
the only way to be here,
is as we are,
for it is grace alone
that sets us free,
and this is the table of grace.
Come and feast
with Jesus Christ
host and servant of us all.


Our gift
Our intent
our selves
your body
your kingdom
your world

Through tis offering
may they come together

So be it

Reformation (Communion)

                          Psalm 46

Communion Invitation

So my friends
come now to the table
You are invited to feast
on the food of heaven
an open table for all
of any faith and none
to taste and see that God is good
Our bread is all gluten free
our wine is simply grape juice
but they become for us
the symbols of our hope and salvation

So as we sing now
our great tradition
know all are invited
all have a place
and God is waiting to welcome
each one of us
without condition
position or merit
but just as we are
that we might begin here once more
in the meal
prepared for the kingdom


Before New Kilpatrick,
before Luther, Knox and the reformers,
before the enlightenment and dark ages,
before Paisley Abbey our mother church,
before the Celtic church and the Council of Whitby,
before Augustine and early church fathers,
before the gospels and Paul’s letters,
before the acts of the apostles
and before resurrection,
13 were sat in an upper room
and Jesus, sharing the passover meal
the night before he died,
took the unleavened bread from the table,
and as he broke it,
it hushed the whispers
and left silence
into which Jesus said:
“This is my body broken for you.
Every time you meet from now on,
whenever you do this,
remember me.”

And he shared it among them.

Before the bread had been returned
he took the wine,
bitter as it was,
“and this cup
is the new covenant between earth and heaven
sealed in my blood.
Drink of it all of you
and remember me.”

Here is where everything began
and we begin again today.

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