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Resurrection Morning



What has happened?Why is it so still?
Where has all the noise gone from last week?

And why am I whispering?

Why is there a grave cloth here?
And the stone - how did it move?
What does this mean?

Why is today filled with so many questions?
And where is Jesus?

He was in the tomb three days ago
and there is no one here now

Where has he gone?
What’s been happened?

This morning, why don’t we stop the whispering
seek out the alleluias
live the question
and bring on the wonder of what has happened



Statement of Faith

Eight volunteers. Give each a Cascarones… Mexican eggs (hollow egg filled with confetti). A & B are different halves of the congregation. Write the questions on the egg, read it out, then place on head. Smash them all at the end.

EGG: What’s happened?
A: Dawn has broken
B: stones have rolled
All: and hallelujahs have been set free

EGG: Where is Jesus?
A: Jesus is here
B: Jesus is there
All: Jesus is now everywhere

EGG:  Who rolled the stone?
A: We do not know
B: But we know why
All: because tombs cannot contain life

EGG: Why is the tomb empty?
A: because love is alive
B: and tombs aren’t
All: and Jesus is among us

EGG: Who folded the grave clothes?
A: We have not heard
B: We cannot tell
All: but the living do not need them

EGG: What did the angels say?
A: He is not here
B: He has been raised
All: And now he is in every step we take

EGG: Where are the women going?
A: To find the tomb
B: To find the body
All: To find a surprise

EGG: Where have they put him?
A: It is a mystery
B: It is a wonder
All: And now we can only believe…

Smash eggs and shake head


Easter Day


A Story Litany

Three days
One stone
went dark
very dark
Jesus died
Brought down
from cross
Given over
Simon asked
Pilate released
new tomb
Jesus brought
laid to rest
people sad
disciples left
darker now
stone sealed
Jesus shut-in
People shut-out
all gone
all gone


passover came
morning came
long wait
women preparing
spices gathered
oils brought
body embalmed
burial rites
early Sunday
women went
into garden
very quiet
dawn breaking
light rising
tomb disturbed
tomb empty
tomb empty?
grave cloth
folded away
body gone
angels whisper
‘gone before you’
‘moved ahead’
‘not here’
‘why looking
among the dead
for the living?’


Women turn
mouths open
eyes streaming
disciples run
can’t believe
can’t be true
must be true
what now?
feeling confused
feeling frightened
can’t be?
must be
surely not?
why not?
but how?
but when?
but why?
good question


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