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Common Ground


Let us gather here
on common ground
with bread to break and wine to share
and a gospel to proclaim

Let us gather here
on common ground
and shape a place for each other
made by and held in love

Let us gather here
on common ground
seeking the many faces of God
in the many faces of our neighbours

Let us gather here
on common ground
bringing together our journeys of faith
and many experiences of God

Let us gather here
on common ground
and meet the God
of many names

Let us gather
on common ground



Invitation to the Table


So let us meet
on common ground
where bread is broken and wine is shared
for us all
a table that is open to all
where glutton-free bread is broken
so that all might be here
and where common cup is offered
to any who wish to partake

So let us gather round the table
all God’s People

Let no one be left out
let all of any age
culture and lifestyle
find a place here

Let us sing
and proclaim our faith:
Ye gates lift up your heads.




                          Acts 17:16-34



of many names

we come as we are
to meet you here
O Truth

And in all the many experiences we have
and many pathways we journey
may we know
we are invited here
to know you
known and unknown
dark and light
great and small

what language shall we use to call you
for you have become so many things
to so many of us here
each experience of faith
held in a love
that lets go nothing
and it is all gathered here
in community
round table
in bread and wine
and a promise for the world

So God of many names
and who has named each of us:
we gather
on this common ground
of love

So be it





It was the meal that was common to an entire nation
and reminded them of the time
that they were shaped into God’s people
who were led from bondage into freedom

That passover was never forgotten
and on this particular night
the disciples were gathered
to remind themselves again
of that intent of God
to set God’s People free

But this night it was different
On this night Jesus took the unleavened passover bread
and after giving thanks to God
broke it and said:
‘This is my body, which is for you;
do this in memory of me.’
and he passed it round the disciples
In the same way, he took the cup after supper,
and said:
‘This cup is the new covenant
sealed by my blood.
Whenever you drink it, do this in memory of me.’
and so we do so
For every time we eat this bread
and drink the cup,
we proclaim the death of the Lord,
until he comes.

And so the story continues
from that first moment
to this latest moment
holy ground
common ground



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