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The Positive Ten

You shall have no other Gods before me.

DO put love first.
May you put that which is generous, gracious and compassionate first;
this is the beginning of community.

You shall not make for yourself an idol.

DO focus on that which holds life.
May you live beyond idolising one idea to the cost of everything else but instead give worth to that which brings freedom to others;
this is the second rule of community.

Do not misuse the name of God.

DO welcome others in God’s name.
May you know God’s name is not exclusive to you, to put down someone else beliefs or used to win an argument. God’s is a name that welcomes the stranger and make room for others;
this is the third rule of community.

Remember the sabbath.

DO make room in life for the important things.
May you make time to affirm that everyone belongs first to God before they belong to the state, a production line, or an economy;
this is the fourth rule of community.

Honour your father and mother.

DO celebrate those who brought you into life.
May you celebrate the hopes and dreams and longings that were given you and know God wills those gifts to be celebrated whatever generation you now are;
this is the fifth rule of community.

You shall not murder.

DO go with the life.
May you find it, share it, celebrate it, honour it, sing of it, dance in it, speak through it, and never let it be reduced;
this is the sixth rule of community.

You shall not commit adultery.

DO live respectfully.
May you live in relationships that respect and honour each other, that everyone can celebrate, that are not secret but build a loving community;
this is the seventh rule of community.

Do not steal.

DO be satisfied with the gifts you have.
May you be defined by the love you share and the generosity you have towards others rather than what you have accumulated;
this is the eighth rule of community.

Do not lie.

DO life in the truth.
May you find the richness in being true to self and true to others so that all your relationships are trustworthy and respect others;
this is the ninth rule of community.

Do not covet what you neighbour has.

DO be yourself.
May you find you are loved because of the gift you are. You are all you need in God’s community. If you need to seek anything seek humility and generosity;
this is the tenth rule of community.



Ten Commandments (1)

                          Exodus 19:1-6, 20:1-4

The Ten Commandments
(as originally given - that is in Scots)

1    Nae other Gods

2    Nae eedols

3    Nae langwij

4    Go tae the Kirk oan a Sunday

5    Visit the auld yins

6    Nae mair ‘there’s been a murdur!’

7    Nae bidie-ins

8    Nae pochlin

9    Dinnae clype

10  Dinnae hanker efter whit ye cannae hae


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