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There are times
often times
when faith moves us
from the shallow end of life
to the deep end
when the world urgently needs
a maturity of thought
and a debate on our morals
the compass of which
seems to have gone off course
and we feel we are losing our way

The deep end
is a place where faith meets the world
and offers a place
for honest opinion
beyond personality
a sacred place
where faith is real
questions are hard
and the asking of them

Let us meet it here
in worship


Restorative Justice

                             Hosea 11:1-11


Contemporary Reading


the prophet:
a love story
that works only one way

the prophet
loved his wife Gomar
and so his message
was embodied his life

for Hosea
the prophet
who married Gomar
married a prostitute

Undeserving of his love
he offered it anyway
and generously
she gave him children
but none were his own
yet he loved them as his own

the prophet
never forsook his wife
though she forsook him
returning to her ancient profession
his heart ached
his neighbours laughed
but his love would not let him do it

Soon Gomar
the prostitute
was destitute
put up for sale as a slave

the prophet
bought back his wife
and for 15 shekels and some barley
brought her home

Yet still she turned from him
fell back into her oldest ways
but Hosea
the prophet
would not walk away
his heart would not let him do it

And by the unfolding career of his life
his message was made clear
a wayward nation
prostituting herself
to her neighbours beliefs
broke the divine heart
yet such a heart
never turned from her

for God
the lover
could not bring such a heart
to do it



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