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Advent Night


The frost is hard

and the silence deepening

the light shrinks

and the waiting long


it is the advent

and we wait with the prophets

listening and hearing

their ancient whisper


the long echo

of the deepest hope the universe has known

of a promise 

coming real


and now you can almost touch it

feel its breath

in this first moment

of advent’s quickening


let us turn towards the sound

of holy restlessness

and in these shortening days

long for the light

Contemporary Reading


A: Wolf and lamb


B: Left and right


A: Asp and child


B: Rich and poor


A: Leopard and kid


B: Remainers and brexiteers


A: Lion and Calf


B: Whitehall and Brussels


A: Cow and bear


B: Protestant and Catholic


A: Toddler and serpent


B: Christian and Muslim


A: Belief and Doubt


B: Belonging and Believing


A: It is the unexpected combinations

that shape the kingdom,


B: that illustrates the grace 

that creates a new way of relating and being together


A: Calves and cubs


B: Heaven and Earth


A: Divine and human


B: God and flesh


A: Baby and stable


B: The unexpected combination

that transforms the world

Advent 2019





In all the words we use

and the music that holds them

may we find in there

the word that comes alive in us

shaped round this season

yet alive in every season


a word of promise

to resets the world

may we gather round it

and let it shame us

and shake us

into new life

this advent time


a word of hope

to bring new purpose to our world

that we may gather round it

and let is move and us make us

a new relationships with each other

this advent time


a word of love

to hold the world

that we may gather round it

that it might be born in us

and born between us

this advent time


a word that names you O God

as saviour



the promise

the hope

the love

for our time


and we travel with you

among darkening skies

and shifting stars

to be led,

o promised one,

to the place of incarnation

where words becomes flesh

and the darkness dies


Hear us

So be it




Loving God

when we stand in our own wildernesses

when we stand in the midst of our questions

when we stand surrounded by our hurts and darknesses

may we meet you

in the same place

a God not scared to meet us

in that which is liminal



and imagine a God

who dares breathe new life

in the arid moments



may we live in such an advent

a moment or life

a place of promise

that takes all we are

the cracks and bruises

and speaks with promise

with vision

reimagining everything we are

and says

you are renewed

you are reborn

you are alive again


In such a place as this

where deserts bloom

and new roadways are made

may we grow again

dare believe in something more

and live into such a way

and that we begin here

this moment

this place

this community


a birthing place

a promise place

an unconditional place

of love

in skin

and among us


May we live within that promise


So be it


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