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Psalm 14

Today’s church,


today's faith,


brings us back

to our original model

of wilderness wandering:


an unstable

yet, faithful place to be,

less anchored to buildings,

more anchored to God.


Foundations honed within hearts,

not place;

lives open to God.

not buildings open to people.


May we reopen,


unlock doors,

not yet,

may the questions: ‘why?’, ‘for what?’

be given time to uncoil

from the desire for ‘normal', 

for we need the time


to soak in the First Question:

‘What and where’

is God’s spirit calling us to be?


Away from the legacy

of inert buildings,

and their powerful reminder:

'This Is Who We Were’,

comes and invitation

to retune ourselves

to the one who calls us out,and on 

from these safe places,

and guides us instead

into the present world

of mountainsides and beaches,

boats and gardens,

pavementsides and foodbanks,

as itinerant storytellers,

for God's stories,

and God’s People,

are not of static places.

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