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Come God
in the holy advent
of love

Come God
in the waiting of your people
and the bending
of light

Come God
in angels’ songs
that echo
deep in imagination

Come God
in the spaces
between the words
where silence lies unspoken

Come God
in every place
where life and faith
are thin

Come God
in silence and song
waiting in your people








Joel (NL)

                     Advent 2



in frost-laiden dark we wander through
searching for light in winter

and unnoticed by human eye stars roll, slow
and shine on a homeless shed

where migrants like animals are found together
waiting for the world to be shamed

not for a room they will never have
or the promise that is never named

but with a story that cuts deep in the world
deeper still than winter

of unfilled dreams, unwelcomed hope
broken nights and bitter

this story has a name called love
found weak and in a manger

’yet to be’, the only line
in darkened season winter

Advent Sending


The light:
may it brighten;
the dark:may it lessen;
the rumour:
may it widen;
the fear:
may it diminish;
the light:
may it stretch;
the frost:
may it grow less;
the promise:
may it broaden;
the child:
may he hasten.

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