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A dried old stump

yet there is hope


a broken trunk

yet there is renewal


a long forgotten stub

yet there is new life


Let us gather round 

the ancient hopes

of the first who believed

the word of life

is about to breath again

and the darkness

shall be crushed


(light candle)


Good morning

Contemporary Reading


A: Wolf and lamb


B: Left and right


A: Asp and child


B: Rich and poor


A: Leopard and kid


B: Remainers and brexiteers


A: Lion and Calf


B: Whitehall and Brussels


A: Cow and bear


B: Protestant and Catholic


A: Toddler and serpent


B: Christian and Muslim


A: Belief and Doubt


B: Belonging and Believing


A: It is the unexpected combinations

that shape the kingdom,


B: that illustrates the grace 

that creates a new way of relating and being together


A: Calves and cubs


B: Heaven and Earth


A: Divine and human


B: God and flesh


A: Baby and stable


B: The unexpected combination

that transforms the world


                            Isaiah 11:1-10




In all the words we use now

may we find you between them

in the unspoken pauses

in the yet to be defined ideas

O God

in those spaces

where we can only hope

and dream

and wonder

in the longing for a promised birth


in all the carols we sing

may we find you

in the gaps between verses

in the breath we take

where we have not yet defined you

limited you

worked you out

and let you be still

the unexpected 

the miracle

that will transform us

beyond what we can imagine


and may we dare

in this daring season

of advent hope

speak of you

with fresh

new words

in enlivened and animated ways

in yet unimagined images

that frees you

beyond the words we use


O Advent God

skin-side to humanity

may we listen for the pauses

in the sacred words 

that bring us to life

and let such life

be found in you

fresh to the world


and quickening 

with redemption


Holy God

we wait


and hope

in you

light of the world

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