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Be the Blessing


May you be the blessing:
May you be the justice in the harvest
the sharing in the community
the hope in the neighbourhood

May your gift of self
be a blessing to many

May you be the change the world needs
the light in the shadows
the truth in the darkness
the healing in the hurt

May our gift of self
be a blessing to the world

For you need to be no other
than yourself
It is enough

So may you be enough
to set love free
and the harvest will be safely gathered in










Harvest Blessing


May you walk gently on the earth
following the path of stories
that first shaped the land
among the ancients

May you sing in harmony
with the song of creation
that began
with the first breath of the spirit

May you watch stars dance
across the heavens
in pools of stardust that births your name
in promise

May you taste beauty in every step
and pause long enough
to see the whole of creation in a raindrop
as it falls and splashes on the ground

May you watch gold
inch across the trees
as autumn peels back the green
to reveal an investment in sunsets

May you listen quietly
to the sound of the earth
stirring with hope
as seed buries itself for winter

May you breathe in time
with the rhythm of the world
a living sphere
in the blue coldness of space

And may you be alive
to the hand that has held it all
since the day creation was imagined
and has love her ever since

Evening Reflection


There is a peace tonight
poured in pink
as the sun drifts away

the colours slipping after her
falling into another day
beyond our horizon

and we are left
with silver starlight
humming their songs silently

creation’s nighttime glory
of a billion suns glowing
further than the eye can see

the trees bow slightly
and a hush spreads across the hills
after this celebration day

as harvest always is

yet over that horizon
the colours change
as they light up another day

across fields not so full
and the promise of hunger
wakes the day

of flooded lands
and rivers dying
and deserts creeping

too soon
the harvest fails to be shared
and a silence falls

creation’s own prayer
waiting to be heard

Harvest Communion


Let us
October light
settle in this place
and wash our table
in the watercolours of autumn
the deep yellow and burnished orange
of creations gifts

In this harvest light
we place bread, newly baked
and pour wine, long fermented
in celebration
of the gifts of God

for we are beholden to these
the grain of the land
and grape of the vine
for in such simple things
that even the poorest own
we find
wrapped in crust
and held in every shimmer
the whole story and sacrifice
of heaven

This paupers feast
in such contrast
to the stained glass glory of this place
overflows with the greatest giving
of love
and grace
and beauty

So let us gather here
in autumn’s light
and share this feast
sown in the earth
and now harvested for our world
the gift of peace
the gift of justice
the gift of love

Let us gather

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