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The Feminine

                            Proverbs 8:22-31



Among all the familiar and well know

the already experienced and weekly tradition

may we know this place

as one that yet surprises us


Among all the oft repeated language we use

the ready phrases and habitual names

we use of God

may we be prepared here

to meet God with yet a new name


and in such a place 

where unfamiliarity might prove to be a gift

may we know a faith that grows

an experience that challenges

and a relationship with God

that is beyond any name we can use


yet always and fully found

in the love that needs no name

to be known and worshipped

and loved back



Loving God

in that deep down

sacred place

we call our souls


where silence holds every word

and every word is shaped by the deeper silence


may we wait with you there

within that love

that needs no name


yet we know

and recognise 

and calls us

as your own


So we give thanks

for what is familiar



in you

that grace

that forgiveness

that transformation

unconditionally given

universally made



may we meet you

on the edge 

of what is familiar to us

that place between what we know

and what we yet be


that we might stretch our faith

deepen our experience

in seeking you by other shores

that we might journey closer in you

O God

who has many names

and many traditions


In this daring place 

where our faith feel vulnerable

and how we speak of you is challenged

may we reimagine you

with images and words

unfamiliar to us

yet connect us to others





we pause here

and breath you in


and yes

we recognise

what is familiar to us all

the love that reaches us

wherever we find ourselves

the love that invites us

into always doing a new thing

the love that holds us

in all of lives experiences

the love that speaks in us

when all other words have been used up





midwife of stars

and companion on the way


So be it


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