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So may we 

lay aside the doctrine of words

and argument

and debate

and come to the table

in wonder

in respect

in love


Whoever you are

lay down all reason

and understanding

and come to the table

the very centre of creation

with wonder

with respect

with love


Old and Young

believer and none

Christian or other

lay down all argument

and come to the table

in wonder

in respect

and love



It was the night 

when the words ran out


when the universe paused

and wondered what would happen next


when all creation 

held its breath

as the Saviour began to speak


Taking the bread

of the passover meal

he waited till the disciples hushed

and turned towards him


and muttered

as if he was speaking to himself only

or something deeper still


“This bread is my body

broken for you

whenever you eat of it

remember me”


and the silence fell

as he passed the bread around them

each disciple

tearing and eating

and wondering

and questioning


“This wine,”

he went on,

“Shapes a new covenant

sealed in my blood,

drink of it everyone

and remember me.”


And once more he passed it round

in the deepest silence

where the universe waited

Creation wondered

heaven hushed




Did the grain of the earth know

that buried within each seed

was the body of Jesus




Did the grape of the vine know

that in the depth of its taste 

the new covenant was waiting




Then the words ran out

the questions failed

the light dimmed

and all the disciples were left with

was wonder

and silence




                            John 21:1-14


Welcome to Table


All creation

the whole environment

meets here

the song of the morning

that depth of the universe

the flow of wonder

that silence of the heavens


And all are welcome


For here is the place

where the Lord of creation

meets us

in the grain of the earth

and fruit of the vine


And all are welcome


You have a place here

regardless of name or culture

language or religion

as you were loved into being

integral to God’s creation

you are welcome at the Creator’s table


Let us gather

and tell the story of this place




in gathering round this table

may we bring all we are

and know 

that is enough


For we do not understand


We cannot trust the doctrine

and cannot be satisfied with the creed

for we know this is something beyond that


We sense creation coming together here

so much bigger that we are

in bread and wine

so fragile and small

yet they contain the whole story



so may we leave the explanations

and hold the wonder

leave the words

and touch the silence

fold away the arguments

and meet the grace

beyond what we can understand


such a gift is yours

and it lies here for us

and we are lost 

in words that fail us


so may we lose ourselves

in angel song

and heavenly choruses

that speak beyond this time and place


Holy holy holy God

God or power and might

heaven and earth are full of your glory

hosanna in the highest

blessed is the one who comes in God’s name

hosanna in the highest




And in such an echo 

meet the wonder

the grace

that shapes this bread and wine

as creations gift

each crumb a morsel of heaven

and each shimmer

a reflection of the covenant


on this table

and we give thanks


So be it


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