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Here is a place
to question and trust
to grow faith and find hope
to honestly seek
and speak truthfully
about how we might speak of God

Here is a place
where story
and poetry
is the language of faith

Here is a place
to meet with each other
journeyers and doubters
seekers of truth
and find a community
that dares to believe
in the possibility of God
and the kingdom



Those who wait on the Lord


Those who wait on the Lord…

Those who wait:
for justice
for the freedom love brings
for the place where they are set free
and know the truth
that this is God’s intent and purpose
they shall renew their strength…

Those who serve the suffering world…

Those who serve:
who give themselves
for the freedom of others
who act as God’s blessing in the world
to reduce themselves
so that others might increase
they shall renew their strength…

This who live the risen life…

Those who live
alive to the world
the imagination of the spirit
the creativity of God
authentic living in the name of Jesus
for the sake of the gospel
they shall renew their strength…

Those who love the Mystery…

Those who love the mystery:
who dare believe
what the world denies
about love
and justice
and truth
and lives that life
before us all
shall renew their strength…

Those who die on the march…

Those who die on the march
who give themselves
on the way of God
on the adventure
the journey
the ongoing-ness of faith
shall renew their strength…

Those who wait on the Lord…



Paul & Silas

                          Acts 16:16-34

May we be


Loving God
with everything we are
we long for a faith
that shapes us
holds us
calls us into the world

a faith that dares believe
what the world sees impossible
beyond miracles
but found in love
and peace
and justice
and grace

such rarities
in our world
But we believe.
Dare we believe more.


Dare we believe more
because in such things
we find you
alive in the relationships we grow
in the offerings we open in the world
in the words we place there
that offer good news
May we be those words
living word
alive in the world
and full of the promise of heaven


And thus set free your kingdom
May we be that freedom Lord
that unbinds those bound up
that opens up power
with words of truth
that speaks of loosing
and releasing
and setting free
your intent
your vision
your dream for us all

and find ourselves
with Paul and Silas
by the intent of love
and filled with your word of grace


Towards such a faith
that dares for such hope
may we travel

So be it



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