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Loving God
we come here first
we bring who we are
all we are
and in that unconditional love
in which this place is founded
we gather

this unique place
unlike all others
shaped by a care
honed by a grace
held by a love
that is older than the bricks
and yet to be felt on our latest breath

when our souls seek strength
when our lives need grace
when our stories need hearing
when our words need soothing
when our concerns need comforting
when our faith needs encouraging
we come here first…

…to give thanks
not for the years
not for the building
not for the generation
but for our parish
our neighbourhood
that ever calls us outward
to face away from here
and focus on what lives beyond these walls

and we give thanks for the adventure of faith
that speaks in such a way
of simple ways
of sharing the kingdom
in welcome
in hospitality
in listening to
our neighbour
a faith not about self
but constantly reminds us
corrects us
challenges us
to live for others
those folk whose names we hardly know
yet are our parish neighbours
those streets we walk and in which
we are to live as the body of Christ
that place
beyond this place
where souls need strengthening
lives need the gift of grace
stories need to be listened to
words need to be soothed and shared
concerns need to be held and comforted
and faith needs encouraging

This is who we are
who we are as a parish church
a neighbourhood church
a community church
a faithful church
of bread
and water
and welcome

and may we ever be so
in your name
and through your love

So be it



Anniversary 2019

                             John 6:26-40


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