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Contemplative Prayer


may we move from this place
to that deeper place within us
beyond the patterns of our days
and the lists we have to attend to
and shape a space
of story and imagination
of finding you in the deeper needs we have
and finding the words and the silence
to encounter you there
as we really are

may we hold the questions we have
may they be for us
doorways into the mystery
may they be the first lines
of our deepest prayers
of why
and how
and what does this mean


In these places
in these searching
may we encounter you
in love
and peace
and wonder
and presence


And as the world seeks answers
may we pursue meaning
and as the world twists facts
and we relate in truth
and as the world wants certainty
may we follow faith
and encounter you
in love
and peace
and wonder
and presence


When we do not know the truth
and when we are shaped too much by prejudice
and when our selfish needs become our chief motive
and when the worry of today limits our hopes
may we pause
long enough
in silence
deep enough
to encounter you
found again in love
offered again in peace
met again in wonder
and known again in presence


This is our prayer
and this is our praying

So be it



What is truth?

                          John 18:28-38

What is Truth?


When Pilate asks, “What is truth?” we can say here is the truth:

Voice 1:
Halfway through supper,
he found the basin
and poured the water,
removed his robe
and covered himself with a towel
and knelt there,
waiting for one of us
to meet him on the other side of the basin
to let him,
pour water
over our feet,
to rub the cuts and hold the bruises
of all those journeys,
and we found there the truth:
master of the universe
and servant of all.

Congregation sing: Love is patient (Farrell)

Voice 2:

The bread lay broken
in his hands;
two pieces of unleavened bread.
The table was shattered with crumbs
after a holy explosion of crumbs
twisting in the blue dust.
His words echoed inside us
bouncing off the hard surfaces
of our questions and confusion:
“This is my body,
for love’s sake
and yours,
and whenever you eat together,
every time you eat,
at every opportunity you eat,
do not let this moment pass
without remembering me
and what is about to happen.”
and we saw the truth
about the one who gives of himself.

Congregation sing: Love is patient (Farrell)

Voice 3:
He didn’t even lift his eyes.
He was drawing in the sand
a line
which he focused on
as he spoke to the gaggle of men
each restless with a stone in their hands
gathered round the woman.
“The one without sin,” he said,
“let him throw their stone first.”
Suddenly he looked up
not at the men,
but at her,
and he kept his eyes on her
as the men began to look away
for his light
had shone into their shadows
and soon she was left with him.
“Have they gone?”“Yes.”
“Well you go too and sin no more.”
And she knew the truth
of being set free.

Congregation sing: Love is patient (Farrell)

Voice 4:
The pharisees said he wasn’t.
The man said he was.
The family said “don’t look at us!”
The crowd said, it wasn’t him.
The man was asked again,
and said he was,
and among it all,
they lost Jesus.
It was a miracle about seeing again,
and they lost Jesus!
But also their own sight.
Those who professed to be able to see into God
with their clever doctrines and religious rules,
lost the one they were looking for.
And the truth was revealed
that hose who are blind are given sight
and those who can see, find darkness.



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