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In so many things
there is a beginning and an end
a start and a finish
a before and after

Not here

No beginning or ending in love
no start
and no finish
no before and no afterwards

This is an eternal place
and what makes it eternal
is nothing more
than love
that gathers us in
and makes us whole



Love Words

                          1 John 4:7-21

Reflective Prayer

Word of life
honed in love
created before the universe was imagined
and in whose imagination the universe was created

Word of grace
breathed into life by love
known anew each day
and each day renewed by love

Word of light
kindled by love
that buries the darkness in the light
and whose light to stronger than all darkness

In this love
we gather
and pause our living
to breathe again
in the space made by love
to touch us
and know us
and hold us
through forgiveness
and back to life again

In such a space
let us lay down
the shadows we carry
that dull our lives
and those of others

let us lay down the hurt we bring
that limits us
and the well-being of others

let us lay down the words we have said
that have affected our relationships
reduced them
make them more fragile

In in so doing
may we pick up love
that might call us
redeem us
renew us
in time
with patience

Word of life
made all of love
may you continue to change us
heal us
transform us
to be who you long for us to be

So be it


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