No Knead Focaccia

500g strong flour

1 teasp instant yeast 

½ teasp salt


Put in a large bowl, salt at opposite side to the yeast.

Pour on 360ml lukewarm water and 50ml olive oil (Fairtrade is good!).  Use a spatula to bring it all together.  It will be too wet to knead.


Tip it into another bowl, coated in oil and large enough for the dough to rise. 


Cover with a lid, clingfilm if you must! Put in fridge 12 hours.


Leave out of fridge for 6 hours. Then heat oven to 200, fan 180, gas 6.


Oil and line a rectangular baking tin.  Gently roll the dough on to it and ease gently into the corners.  Make little indentations in the dough and pour on more olive oil, up to 50ml. Sprinkle salt crystals over it and sprigs of fresh rosemary, if you like.


Bake 40 minutes.   Cool on a rack, or tear and share straight away but only if you have timed this to bake for communion!

We offer this easy recipe for bread so you might make, if you wish, for communion on Sunday 23rd. It is straightforward and suitable for all ages to make together. 


The idea is to find some way to create oneness and, while we can’t share from the one loaf, perhaps we can get as close to that as possible in each making the same loaf and sharing it. It will be a very special moment of unity with some technological help and imagination. 


Clearly, this is not compulsory! Any bread will do - quite literally. However, we can offer you a slice from the bread and deliver to you, if you would like. Please email the church or phone Roddy and we can arrange that.

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