Give us this day our daily bread...

 This week we have experimented with a home delivery service. It connects us to our parish: it shows NK's love in a practical if modest way. It particularly helps people who can't go from shop to shop... And we enjoy trying new things! 

It started with a conversation around flour shortage, and indeed that still remains a patchy supply in supermarkets. But first - we took a trial order of Freedom Bakery bread, a super quality sourdough from one of Glasgow's great social enterprises. We sold out of our test batch in a couple of days and won many new fans of Freedom! The good news is that Gavin's Mill now has its click and collect service up and running, so visit for the full range of breads and pastries.

Some time on week of 4 May, we will receive a test bulk order of bread flour,  sourced from artisan flour miller, Matthews Cotswold. We still have a few 1.5kg bags available, so if you would like some, please complete the form below.

Both the bread and the flour products cost £2.50 each. From this we will make a small profit which will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation.

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