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Big Creation Prayer


Great Big God
of a great big universe
we give thanks
for a great big harvest
from a great big world

for wheat and cereal and corn and seed
for nut and fruit and vegetable and grain
for wind and sunlight and wave and thermal
for coal and gas and oil and peat
for food to share and a world to celebrate
for the diversity of creation and the wonder of life
for blue whales and pilot fish
gorillas and giraffes
for sun and moon
and stars and planets
for clouds that make shapes
and water that dances
for rain that splashes
and sunlight that scorches
for earth that moves
and ice that flows
for mountains that grow
and seas that roll
for animals that squawk
and squeak
and slither
and hiss
and crawl
and slide
and fly
and walk
and swim
and scuttle
and jump
and scamper
and play
and climb
and burrow
and tunnel
for leaves that are green
and red
and ochre
and golden
and amber
and marmalade
and copper
and rust
for vegetables
and fruit
and red
and brown
and purple
and yellow
and orange
and curved
and round
and long
and short
and shiny
and hairy
and smooth
and rough
so much to give thanks for
The greatness of creation
the wonder of the planet
this vibrancy of environment
the diversity of life
found in each of us
of all colours
your image
your people
to give thanks
and we do

So be it

(c) New Kilpatrick Parish Church 2015



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