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Abide in me
'Abide with me' playing in the background

Let not your heart be troubled
Abide in me

In the community of the ‘never let go’
abide in me, as I do in you

For there is never any time
or reason
excuse or grounds
for me to let you go.
Abide in me

Two:Neither life or death
of the powers that be
election or referendum
slander or propaganda
can separate me from you
Abide in me

Let me be your source of life
your the nourishment
from the branch
grafted to me
I will never loose you
Abide in me

And with all the world offers
I offer you
ask of me
and I will provide
a love that transforms
a forgiveness than renews
a grace that accepts
a truth that outs
if you abide in me

for love is greater than all your fears
greater than all your joys
and it abides in me

enough that I will lay down my life
for my friends
and you are my friends
abide in me

so let me take you to the place
where the mercy-river flows
where hearts are open
as I abide in you
and where love will wait
and yearn
and remember the day
you say
Abide in me








I AM the Vine



There is a vine
as old as creation
that grew in the very first sunlight
beside the first stream
and grows still

Yet it’s bark is heavily scarred
each a memory of every branch
into the life of the vine

There are many branches
yet there is room for more
so come and belong again
be grafted into the love of God
nourished by the ancient promise
for old as this vine is
the life it offers
is as new as the vinedresser's latest breath

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