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Mark 2:1-12



here is our response
to the interruptions of the world

not just money on a place
but what this symbolises

giving of self
time to respond
and love that makes room

From here
may we begin
the kingdom moments
that enable all
to pick up their beds
and walk free
newly alive
in the world

Hear us
So be it



Let us gather in this moment
just as we are
for we matter to God
more than doctrine, liturgy or creed

Let us gather in this space
just as we are
less than perfect
and fully human
in our needs and longings

Let us gather wherever we find ourselves
just as we are
each of us created in the poetry of love
and formed from the imagination of heaven

let us interrupt the world this morning
wherever we are
and worship God.




Four Versions of the Lame Man


One of the friends speaks:


Capernaum was in chaos. Jesus had returned. It was our chance to get our paralysed friend into the house. Alas, the crowds were beyond control, all doors were blocked. We had heard enough of Jesus’ teaching about the kingdom to know lateral thinking was needed: we went up the outside staircase, removed a section of thatch and in the silence of the crowd wondering what was happening as a mat appeared from the roof, we lowered, slowly, very slowly, our hopes, our faith and our friend at Jesus feet. The lateral kingdom made room not just for hope, faith and friendship, but healing too.

Loving God
may we seek your kingdom
in the places we least expect

The lame man speaks:

What a journey - hoisted, swaying and jolting up to the roof - my heart in my mouth - through the roof-hole and down in front of the young preacher but Jesus didn't seem put out by all the upheaval. He looked deep into my eyes saying, "Your sins are forgiven!" The learned men muttered! He turned to me, "Pick up your bed and walk!" This was beyond hope. Before I could think, I was standing beside my stretcher, all the people gaping at me, even the mutterers were silenced, and I was almost out of the house before I realised I was walking.

Loving God
may we trust that your love
can turn everything around



One of the scribes speaks:

When the man rose to his feet a great cheer went up. People hugged. Others danced wildly. A delirium gripped the crowd. It truly was unbelievable. Had I not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. Seeing our leader fall to his knees, head bowed, his hands touching Jesus’ cloak is a sight which has stayed with me my whole lifetime. I had never felt such overwhelming joy prior to that day and never have since. I wept, my scepticism leaving my body carried away by the tears. In this tumult the Son of God stood and smiled serenely.


Loving God
may we dare believe
beyond what we have come to expect



One of the onlookers:


I had managed to get into the house
to listen to him
and he was part way through a sentence
when the dust and stoor came tumbling into the room
We had heard the scraping above us
but didn’t imagine the whole roof was coming in
But it did
and after the thud as the roof fell
the cloud of dust stirred in the air
amid coughing and hush
and caught a beam of light
that fell across Jesus
he paused
and let the world break into his teaching
Loving God
May we pause long enough
to hear the world...


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