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Dear new friend...

Do you remember the joy of receiving a hand-written letter? 

With "Dear New Friend' we want to show care home residents that they have not been forgotten...

All you have to do is pen a chatty letter, sharing some good news, stories, jokes and perhaps a drawing, and send it to local care home, addressed Dear New Friend. If you include your address you may receive a response and gain a new pen pal! 

Staff at Antonine House, Buchanan House and Murdock House are ready to receive - letters will be quarantined for a few days before distribution.

If you can't get out to the postbox please email your 'letter' to Jane Gordon and she will distribute for you.

Floral Card

Dear New Friend.... care of

Mugdock House, Stockiemuir Road, Bearsden G61 3SF

Buchanan House, 1 Grampian Way, Bearsden G61 4SP

Antonine House, 16 Roman Road, Bearsden G61 2SL

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