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Praying the Lords Prayer


Loving God
even heaven cannot hold you
and every place on earth
is ablaze with your glory.
May our eyes recognise this love
that hallows and blesses the world
with beauty
and grace
and wonder


May our world be set right
rebalanced by love
so that your kingdom
will come
where the hungry need fed
and the homeless need shelter
and what is best
is done between us
and shapes your kingdom
wherever we live together in right relationship


May there be enough
for all
before excess ruins us
and consumerism spoils us
bread enough for the daily needs for all
and forgiveness enough
to renew our relationships
forgiveness of others
and the forgiving of self


And may we always be wise
to the one who conspires against us
with shallow dreams and selfish enterprises
We claim you are in charge
not greed
not egotism
but love
So in our lives
may you rule
with the generosity of grace
and the wisdom of love
that we may be shaped and reshaped
forever and forever
So be it









Lord's Prayer

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