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Beginning Words


If anything means anything
it is this
that the greatest of everything
is love

If we want to believe anything
it has to be this
the greatest
is love

And if we wish to worship anything
in is this
all of God in all God’s greatness
is love

Let us gather
let us sing
let us worship
that which is love:











Loving God
in the love that shaped and imagined life
hold us
in the love that couldn’t help itself
but create
and fashion all of life
in as much variety
hold us
in the love that had to fill the universe
with as much life as was possible
so that nothing missed the chance of life-
in that abundance and grace
hold us

that we might know that which created us
and named us
and called us
and recreates us each day

the love from which you are made too

from such richness
we gather here
each a blessing in the world
and seek renewal
when that blessing
is more a curse
when the hope from which we are made
is corroded by selfishness and fear

May love
may you
call us again
out of such limited living
into the breadth of life
and the abundance of love

and make in each breath we take
and each step we make
the possibility of your kingdom

We know it doesn’t take land
or finance
or power
but just the possibility of life

So may we all
parish and community
live towards such

in your name
So be it

For Others


Loving God
May you be all the love we need in the world
that shapes justice
and holds love
and sets free peace
and builds community
and feeds the hungry
and empowers the poor

These things
Love’s things
we pray for

Yet may we
part of love’s creation
be these things
in our world

May we live the love
be the love
and give that love away
piece by piece
in the world
in the relationships we build with neighbour
the vision we hold for each other
the decisions we make to shape our lifestyles

May we be the love for those in Syria embattled
and those journeying across Europe

For those who seem to be always hungry
and always poor

May we be the love
our prayer seeks
and our living longs for

May we be the love
for those who face prejudice because of race and gender and culture
May we be the love that drives out fear of each other
and choses to give of self for others

O God
such high ideals
and such difficult ways
yet we pray it anyway
for we shall not limit the love
in which the world has been made

So may we begin here
in loving neighbour
in creating community
in learning from each other
in shaping spaces for us all to meet and celebrate and engage with community
and with you O God
partners in your creation
make a church here
alive to your kingdom
and running over with your possibilities

Hear us
Dare us
Transform us
in Jesus name

So be it

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