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Luke 10:38-42

Martha: Martha.

Mary: Mary.


Martha: Doer.


Mary: Listener.


Martha: There is space in the day to act, to turn The Word into flesh and bear witness to the call of faith that sends me into the world to love my neighbour.


Mary: There is space in the day to stop, to pause long enough to hear a word that holds and renews me and tells me all I do is held in the offering of heaven.


Martha: Doer.


Mary: Listener.


Martha: Live out The Word, the word that says: “I was hungry and you gave me food, thirsty and you gave me a drink.”


Mary: Listen to The Word, the word that says: “Be still and know that I am God.”


Martha: Jesus took the bread and fish, gave thanks and fed the multitude...


Mary: You cannot live on bread alone but by every word that comes from the Lord...


Martha: Who is my neighbour: the one who helped the man: then go and do likewise…


Mary: Only one thing is needed and this one has chosen the greater portion and it will not be taken from her…


Martha: Don’t just sit there, do something


Mary: Don’t just do something, sit there.


Martha: Doer.


Mary: Listener.


Martha: Follower of Christ.


Mary: Friend of the Saviour.


Martha: Both doer,


Mary: And listener,


Both: We are the same

Betwixt and between
prayer or protest
reflection or refectory
being or doing

When faith calls
what shape does it take
quiet meditation
or getting hands dirty

May we find the crossing point
between each
that messy place
where faith wrestles with the world
and finds God

Let us gather in worship
bringing the chaotic needs of the world
into this place of peace

The Mary Martha Prayer


Loving God
may we have balance
and find the time to love
both your word
and the acts that make it real

May we have balance
and find space
to speak of justice
and live it justly

May we have balance
and open up
words of grace
in the works we do

In our Martha moments
may we be busy with the kingdom
may the works we do
be full of love
and flowing with justice
so that the word
your word
is enfleshed in every moment
we live
and unfold in the world

And the Mary’s in us,
may we breathe them in
pause in the space
grace give us
to be renewed
and find ourselves
as you know us
shaped by love
]and filled with light

May we have balance
and be ourselves
the amount of Martha
and the quantity of Mary
we are
and find you in that
creative tangled space
of live

So be it






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