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Songs of Praise

When we can't sing in church, we sing online.

Come and join us at 7.30 on Zoom every fortnight.

Phone in: 0131 460 1196

Meeting ID: 8699 492 4649

Sunday 1st

Singsong! has moved online and is open to all. Dementia friendly and space for everyone who just wants to sing some familiar songs together. Good for our wellbeing while isolating.

Meeting ID: 813 1166 9762
Password: 078692

Quiz Night

A short multiple choice, general knowledge quite led by John McGee who will be channelling Magnus Magnusson. No prizes just shared laughter.

You can join by phone:

0131 460 1196

Meeting ID: 721 781 684

Cancelled Tuesday 6th
28th Oct 7.30pm

A one-night-only discussion on planning out Remembrance Service. Not about ideas but a discussion of what it means from which the ideas will grow

You can join by phone:

0131 460 1196

Meeting ID: 869 9492 4649

Sofa Surfers

An open group where one week we'll hear from someone who has had an interesting trip, skill or hobby and the next week a 'life hack' . 

You can join by phone:

0131 460 1196

Meeting ID: 868 4884 5051

Coffee Pot

A weekly coffee with all our friends. Home baking is available but you need to supply that yourselves. Jut a round screen (rather than round table) blether and catch-up.

You can join by phone:

0131 460 1196

Meeting ID: 406 548 838

Children in Indoor Playground
Zoomday School

9.30 Beginners: up to and including P2

10.00 Sunday Clan: P3-P6 inclusive

11.15 JFv2: P6-S4

New Kilpatrick Parish Church

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