Liturgy of the Palms

Jesus is in the building
in the city
in the crowds
on a donkey
on a journey
on his way to Jerusalem

Shout hosanna
Hosanna, Hosanna

Jesus is riding high
riding a donkey
riding to victory
with Good News
with God News
God a new

Shout hosanna
Hosanna, Hosanna

The crowds question:
“what is this about?”
the authorities question:
“who does he think he is?”
the disciples question:
“will this be the moment?”of change
of freedom
of the kingdom

Shout hosanna
Hosanna, Hosanna

Jesus moves on
the crowds move out
the authorities move closer

and the celebration ends
the speculation begins

the shouting ends
and the rumours begin

the beginning ends
and the end begins

Shout hosanna
Hosanna, Hosanna

Palm Sunday

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