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Statement of faith

Everyone had been given a picture of a piece of fruit. Diufferent blocks of the congregation had the same fruit so during this statement people were invited to pass the fruit images to each other with the line 'the spirit stirs us up'.

We had also written on the images earlier in the service one of the fruits of the spirit we each felt we or the world needed.

We believe
the spirit stirs us up
from the chaos of creation
into the cosmos of the universe
from wildness of wonder
from questions that make adventures

We believe
the spirit stirs us up
to create the diversity that is the kingdom
taking the love,
and joining that with hope,
and moving together with kindness:
this is the fruit of the spirit

the spirit stirs us up
to unite the family of God
sharing grace
keeping company with peace
and surrounding us all with gentleness:
this is the fruit of the spirit

the spirit stirs us up
to forge God’s community
in the dance of life
disturbing the church
and fusing together a common wealth of people:
this is the fruit of the spirit

the spirit stirs us up
to build a rainbow faith
pouring in colour
blended with imagination
all folded into vision:
this is the fruit of the spirit

the spirit stirs us up
to make another chapter in the story of love
marrying the poetry
with all our dreams
held by the word
that is the fruit of the spirit

We believe
in the imagination of God
the love of Jesus
and the energy of the spirit.
and we celebrate
this spirit who stirs us up
and with the fruit off the spirit
creates anew
God’s pentecost community

Now take that fruit you have
and be whatever is written on the sheet
this week
go and be that fruit
that gift
that need
for someone else
in the world this week









She's the pause
before the verb:
silent imagination
full of expectation
of what kind of movement
this verb will choose
and always a surprise
when it comes.

She's the breathe
before you speak
that moment
with a cascade of possibility
when everything seems clear
for a second
before the words
jumble it all up

She's the hesitation
before the doing
where the whole future
makes sense
in the magic world
before the act
a moment
when everything fits
before rules
ruin the dream.

She's the chaos
before the plan,
the crumple of paper
and half ideas,
the scribbles
and scoring outs
before the one that makes sense
grows into purpose.

She's the 'before'
of everything:
the essence of it
before it is formed;
the spirit of it
before it breathes;
the nature of it
before it is real.

and life-breath
of all

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