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A cross-community group set up to respond to the needs of refugees and assylum seekers. There may not be very many in Beasrden but our neighbour is more than the person who lives next to us.

We work in partnership with projects already set up in Govan and Maryhill.

We're exploring Community Sponsorship where we work cross-community with a whole lot of different folk and organisations to sponsor refugees in our community.

It is an initiative from both Bearsden Cross Church and New Kilpatrick but for the whole communiuty to watch this space as the project develops.

Community Sponsorship

Next meeting of the Refugee Response Group (which is a community wide group and not a church group) meets again on February 20th at Bearsden Cross Church. 

The meeting travels round different places in order to meet across the breadth of the community.


We offer a series of collections of various items new assylum seekers and refugees need. These change monthly and we collect items and move them to the places they are needed most.


As opportunities come up we'll offer them here ranging from helping out at Maslows in Govan to hosting assylum seekers or helping at Maryhill Intergration Network teaching English.


We are always learning and prepared to meet new people. Situations are always changing too. But what moves us all most are personal stories.

We act as conduits for events set up by other organisations more experienced than us to inform us what is happening and how things are changing.

These will appear regularly in the announcements in church and here.


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