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Building the Beatitudes

This is a dialogue between the parable of the two house builders which appears as the epilogue of the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes which appears as the prologue.


A: Let us build a house
B: a community
A: a neighbourhood
B: a church
A: on the rock
B: the foundation
A: the bedrock
B: of blessing the poor with the kingdom of heaven
A: of blessing the mourners with the comfort of others
B: of blessing the meek with the inheritance of earth
A: of blessing the hungry with the satisfaction of meals
B: the bedrock
A: the foundation
B: the rock
A: that shapes church
B: neighbourhood
A: community
B: of blessing the hungry with satisfaction
A: of blessing the merciful by showing mercy to them
B: of blessing the pure of heart, with visions of God
A: of blessing the peacemakers and them children of God
B: this is our foundational activity
A: these are the walls of our building on rock
B: this is our living on the bedrock of the kingdom
A: and the storms will come as the world wants more
B: and the rain will fall as the powerful fight against it
A: and the floods will rise as the rich get richer
B: but such a building made of blessing
A: such a building made of compassion
B: such a building made of love
A: will not
B: cannot
A: shall not
B: fall
A: Let us build THIS house
B: on solid rock


(c) RHamilton2015



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