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Weed Call


Butterscotch trees
and cold-water skies
mean harvest is coming
and the land builds its roar of alleluias

the wheat already cut
and the weeds
dying back
for another year

But a world full of pesticides
and weed killers
has perhaps forgotten how to live
side by side

Jesus has something to say
about an agricultural policy
of exterminate the enemy
rather than love the enemy

so let us gather
as wheat and weeds
for our humanity determines we are both
and worship the one whose harvest is soon


(c) RHamilton2015


Prayer of the Wheat & Tares


Loving God
may we share common ground
may we find ourselves in those places
those creative places
enemy speaks to enemy
where creative possibilities grow
because we have dared
create space in community
to commune with those
we see as different

May we create here
a kingdom
not divided
not sheep and not goats
not them and not us
but a kingdom
that finds common ground
in our diversity
where culture learns from culture
and language speaks into language
and faith speaks into faith
and denomination into denomination

And when we do not
when we fall back on those old defaults
of them and us
of insiders and outsiders
may we make time to pause
and prepare ourselves
to listen to your words
that are far more generous
and forgiving
and imaginative and daring

May we be your creative people
who find new connections
and possibilities
in ways the world has not thought of yet
of conversation
between those who do not
and sharing life
between those who cannot

Hear us
as we pray
to make these words of ours
into kingdom acts
each day
as we live in a world
that grows both wheat and tares
and a God who loves them all.

So be it


(c) RHamilton2015




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