We meet for worship on: YouTube, Podcast, Phone (0141 465 5774) but not yet the sanctuary.

While we can't meet IN church, we do meet AS church here. Hello!



Sunday 6th

It is great to be able to be online and use technology to connect us, but it isn't the same as face to face worship, socialising or being community.


This is temporary. Hope is real.


So, for now, we connect here and invite you to connect via zoom and YouTube and podcasts and bulletins: all the different ways, social and spiritual, we try and connect. It's still church. We've been a parish church for 372 years and our roots go back to 1227 when the Church and lands of Kilpatrick were brought under the control of Paisley Abbey but that implies a church existed prior to that. 


We're mixing the old and the new, stone and pixels, physical and virtual. It is still hope-filled and love-centred, and community-facing. 

Roots & Shoots

Friday 26th Feb:

Bulletin posted

Coffee Pot 10.30am on Zoom

Virtual Choir Workshop 2pm

Sunday 28th Jan:

Zoomday School

Everyone together for the Fairtrade cook-in at 10am-11am

Online services:

Podcast, YouTube, or Phone-line

No Sanctuary Worship

Songs of Praise

Live on Zoom at 7pm

Tuesday 2nd March:

SingSong! 2pm

Login from the Zoom Room Page

Weekly Quiz Night 7pm Zoom

John McGee as Quizmaster

Wednesday 3rd March:

Virtual Choir Workshop 2pm

Thursday 25th Feb:

Sofa Surfers 7pm 

Iain Stark takes us to the Golden Triangle

Image by Patrick Hendry

 We meet as a Church in community in these ways : 


 You can phone in to Zoom events: 0131 460 1196. Click on the Zoom Room Button for the Meeting ID 

Image by Emmanuel Mbala

 We meet as Church thinking through faith in these ways : 

Thinking Faith
Image by Nick Fewings

 We meet as Church supporting each other in these ways: 


New Kilpatrick Parish Church

28 Kirk Place

Bearsden G61 3RT


Rev Roddy Hamilton

0141 942 8827

Scottish Charity SC012997

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