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Sundays at 10.30am & 6.30pm

Wednesdays at 11am



Especially if you are single, married, divorced, widowed, gay, confused, have great wealth in the bank, or next to nothing.

Hello if you come with girning babies, terrible twos or children restless for adventure and can’t keep still.

Hello to the singers who give Shirley Bassey or Tom Jones a run for their money and to those who don’t dare sing beyond their bath.

If you are simply checking us out, exploring what this community is like, and if it is welcoming to you regardless of your background, culture, hidden secrets, and public joys, hello!

It doesn’t bother us if you have more faith than Moses or the last time you were here was Christmas two decades ago, hello!

Hello if you are retired, yet haven’t quite grown up, or if you are a Millennial growing up too fast, and scared of the world you’ll soon inherit.

Hello if you are part of the latte generation, the keep fit club, the overenthusiastic sideline football parent, a vegan, a pescatarian or junk-food eater.

Hello to you if you are in recovery or still addicted, if you are having problems, feeling down and uncertain of the future. 

Hello if you are unsure of organised religion (we’re a bit uncertain too).

Hello if you could use a prayer right now, a quiet space and a listening ear. 

Hello if you are conservative, liberal, fundamental, progressive or have no idea what any of these mean.


If you meant to be here, or arrived by mistake, pilgrim, seeker, tourist, questioner,




The Next Seven Days:​​

Tuesday 28 November

NK New Kids, 9.30am

Parents and Toddlers group, Walkround

Guild, 2pm, Hall

An afternoon for everyone including the men

Wednesday 29 November

NK New Kids, 9.30am

Parents and Toddlers group, Walkround

Midweek Service, 11am

Main Hall 

followed by coffee and cake


Thursday 30 November

Citizens' Advice, 10am

NK New Kids, 9.30am 

Parents and Toddlers group, Walkround

Rock Choir, 10am, Hall

Daybreak, 1.30pm 

for those with some memory loss,

in the main hall

Heritage Forum, 7.30pm, Hall

The wealth of the past, shared

Christmas for Duffers, 7.30 Walkround

Bible study exploring the Advent passages

Friday 1 December

Coffee Pot, 10am

Saturday 2 December

Angel Workshop, 10am-1pm

A craft event for all ages to help decorate the church

​​Sunday 3 December

Sunday Service, 10.30am

First Sunday in Advent shared with the choir

Sunday School begins in church

Evening Service 6.30pm

Monday 4 December

Christmas Outreach Project, 10-12, Hall

Knitting something for everyone

Country Dance 7.30pm, Hall

Open to everyone wishing to enjoy company and keep fit and be together in this traditional way


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