Worship in the Sanctuary is at 10.30 each Sunday morning

Please note, it looks like Manse Rd is closed on Sunday morning 

between Drymen Rd and the Church

The church now has no designated area for mask and non-mask wearing. You are free to sit anywhere though we invite folk to continue to wear masks if that is your preference. The less busy places will be the north gallery and the area of far pews on the pulpit side. Please feel free to use these if you would like more space in which to worship. 

Worship continues on YouTube, Podcast and phone line (0141 465 5774) at anytime.

This week's worship:

Worship from the Sanctuary - 26th June

The Next Seven Days


Tuesday 28th June

Parents & Toddlers, 9.15-11am, Walkround

SingSong!, 1.30, Church Hall

Wednesday 22nd June

Parents & Toddlers, 9.15-11am, Walkround

Midweek Service, 11am, Hall

Kirk Session, 7.30, Hall

Thursday 23rd June

Parents & Toddlers, 9.15-11am, Walkround

Daybreak: a group for those with some degree of memory loss, Church Hall, 1.30

Sunday 3rd July

Two choices of face-to-face worship:

9.30 Informal, 30 minutes, Hall

10.30 Classical, Church

We share our services over the summer with Bearsden Cross Church


all our

We worship through a variety of mediums, offering live sanctuary worship, recorded YouTube, Podcast and phone-line (0141 465 5774).

This is who we are and connect with that which is beyond ourselves. We don't exist for self but in God through our neighbour. We're always learning and amazed at how that evolves in every generation.

Image by Patrick Hendry


It is all about relationships. That's where the gospel begins: in relationship with each other, the world, and God.


Here are some of the ways we are keeping in contact with each other within and beyond ourselves.

Click on the links to find out more.

Image by Emmanuel Mbala


Never forget to think! We believe in a faith that is to be challenged and questioned as much as faith is designed to challenge and question us.  There is no ones-size-fits-all with faith and our life experiences colour us and shape us. 

In sharing those things, we bring new colour and shape to others in discussion and debate and conversation.

Image by Nick Fewings


Supporting, locally and globally, a variety of projects the connect us and humble us and invite us to share grace and love.