Worship in the Sanctuary is at 10.30 each Sunday morning.

There is a limit of 75 people, and booking is required.

Phone 0141 942 8827 by the Thursday evening before the Sunday you wish to attend.

Worship continues on YouTube, Podcast and phone line (0141 965 5774) at anytime.


If you are able to attend to the sanctuary for worship, a wee reminder of what we ask to keep everyone safe.


Please sit in the seat you are directed to. We have a plan of where everyone sits. Please don't negotiate a different one!

Please keep socially distanced at all times in the church.

Please let the steward seat you without a long  conversation so they can attend the next person.

Please remain in your seat.

Don't wander along the pew to talk to anyone else.

While most people in the congregation's age-group have been double vaccinated, not everyone has, and Bearsden has, at the moment, a high Covid rate as does much of East Dumbartonshire.

Please keep everyone safe. 

Sunday 20th June:

Zoomday School: 9.45 on Zoom


Recorded service on YouTube, Podcast and

Phoneline (0141 465 5774)

Sanctuary 10.30 (Booking required)

Songs of Praise 7pm Zoom

Tuesday 22nd June:

Quiz Night 7pm Zoom 

Thursday 24th June:

Sofa Surfers: 7pm on Zoom

And we're off to Austria...Yodelling

Friday 25th June:

Wee Bulletin published

Coffee Pot: 10.30 on Zoom (final one)

Image by Patrick Hendry

 We meet as a Church in community in these ways : 


 You can phone in to Zoom events: 0131 460 1196. Click on the Zoom Room Button for the Meeting ID 

Image by Emmanuel Mbala

 We meet as Church thinking through faith in these ways : 

Thinking Faith
Image by Nick Fewings

 We meet as Church supporting each other in these ways: