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Adam & Eve by Proverbs


There’s no such thing as a free… (lunch)
You can’t make an omelette… (without breaking an egg)
Action speaks louder… (than words)
Easy come… (easy go)
All good things… (come to an end)
Beauty… (is in the eye of the beholder)
Honesty… (is the best policy)
The best way to a mans heart… (is through his stomach)
A little bit of knowledge… (is a dangerous thing)
A journey of a thousand miles… (starts with a single step)
Hindsight is… (20/20)
Knowledge is… (power)
You reap… (what you sow)
Tows company… (threes a crowd)
Two wrongs… (don’t make a right)
Once bitten… (twice shy)
An apple a day…  (keeps te doctor away)
The apple doesn’t fall…  (far from the tree)

Well you can all go home now because I think we have managed to tell the whole story of Adam and Eve in just 18 proverbs…

It is interesting that the moral lessons of this ancient and fabulous tale have all found their way into our everyday language… Adam and Eve… an ancient story… with a very modern insight…

Let’s begin in the garden… let us begin in that place where humanity was fashioned… and sing of creation…

Dust, clay and holy breath
come together
and beget life.

Yet who knows the result?
Who knows how holy breath will tangle with arid dust;
how clay will embody spirit?
Who knows how element will forge with soul
and earth know the sacred?

Who knows?
Not even God
in all the wisdom and imagination of heaven
knows how this dust and this breath
with knit the uniqueness
of humanity
still a mystery
still unfolding
every Adam and every Eve
and risen
and loved by God


(c) RGHamilton 2015

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