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Winter Poem


with her frozen breath
as frost sparkles
across the blue of cold
and throughout the land
travellers journey on a rumour
‘Have you seen the Christ Child?’

Beyond the travellers pathways
the stillness carries
with winter clarity
a story of miracles
scratched across the snow
in mysterious frosty shapes:
like flight-strokes of angels wings

Starlight too
lies buried in the season
stirred-up in clouds of whitened breath
whenever it is asked
‘Where is the Christ Child?’
for such questions are formed
in the depths of a soul
the place where light was honed
at the beginning of time

And beside the yule log
burning against the winter
golden flames fill
the eyes of the youngest
who still believe the story
‘Is this the Christ Child?’
and cast their dreams
across manger-sides and hay bales
not knowing what they have truly found
‘Have you seen him?’

‘In clouds of breath that catch the light
in frosted prints of angels wings
in the belief in mangers and stable-sides
We believe the rumour
he is on his way’










Winter Blessing


for you the midnight blue of winter skies
round a moon that’s rising
scattering light across the hoarfrost

for you the mystery of mistletoe
hanging from the solid oak
ancient protection from winter winds

for you the starlight
that breaks the dark
and leads to mangers and birthing places

for you the cold to chill your bones
and the door that opens
to the warmth of welcome

for you the peace of angel song
heard cracking through the icicles
and lends your heart to hallelujahs

for you the God
leaving the son
in a world cold as winter

and for you the child
born in the manger
that splinters the dark with God-light


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