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There was a sheep… a coin… a son
and they had one thing in common…
they were lost to what was once familiar and safe…

But what they did not realise
was there was no where they could go
no where they could wander
that was beyond the reach
of the love of God

From lost
they were found
as love searched for them
and brought them home

My friends
welcome home

Good morning

For those who have not yet reached here
we gather and pray
Let us worship










               Luke  15:11-32



Prodigal God
Extravagant God
God spends love in an excessive way

may we give thanks
for a generosity
that shames the world
and its prudence

Prodigal God
Reckless God
may we simply
and humbly
give thanks
for a prodigal love
a wasteful love
trusted and unfolded here

May we waste it in even greater measure
may we be extravagant with justice
and lavish with grace
and liberal with forgiveness
and unsparing with peace
and bountiful with our welcome
and live the prodigal life
the excessive life
offered by the kingdom
for all who seek a place called home

And believe
in such a requirement
as wanton love
as the means
to renew and transform the world

that we witness
in the dimming light of lent
the lengthening shadow of a cross
and the unsparing love
of such a moment

Prodigal God
Excessive God
we do not have the language to grasp
a love that is so great
so may we simply live in it
trust through it
hold onto it
and know
there is no place we can go
that love will not find us there

In such affirmation
may we gather ourselves
and trust you
O prodigal God
once more

So be it

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