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On the horizon
far distant now
awaits a silhouette
cross shaped
and drawing us
like some gothic gargoyle
we know we have to go there
something calls in us
that this is the place
we need to get to
but we have a distance to go
a journey to travel
where we feel the grit as much between our toes
as between hope and belief
such is our journey
towards the heart of love




Loving God
that word again

it always gets to the very heart of things
and we gather round it
and find life because of it
and grow hope round it
and dare see the world through it

In this journeying season
where all the familiar landmarks
seem less so
may we hang on to love
for really
it is all we’ve got

our whole faith is shaped by it
and the journey begins because of it

May this be the word people hear from us most
and like all your words
may this word
come to life

May it define our work
shape our hope
envision our future
speak of our community
be our welcome
hold up our faith
call us out
find us in our parish
invite us to be companions with the lost

May love shifts us
from talk
to being
and find us
right at the heart of things
where love already is

So be it



Command to Love

                             John 13: 31-38


There are no rules for love

For two voices

Jesus met a rich young ruler.
“What must I do,” he asked,
“to inherit eternal life?”
“Let go of the one thing that binds you up,
that you cannot let go,
because it is limiting you,”
said Jesus.
Love loves beyond limits:
there are no rules for love.

Jesus told a story
of a foreigner,
coming face to face with a beaten man
on the Jericho road,
and asked the listeners,
“Who is my neighbour?”
“The one who set his Samaritan fears aside
and bound the wounds of his enemy."
Love loves beyond borders:
there are no rules for love.

Jesus told another tale,
of a son,
pockets once full of his father’s inheritance,
now empty,
and having to return with his excuses,
interrupted by a father who breaks his own rules
and runs to his son,
and brings him back home.
Love loves beyond the past:
there are no rules for love.

In the end,
Jesus had said too much.
Feared by authorities and scholars
they twisted his words against him,
and when his words ran out,
he carried a cross,
where love could be heard crying:
‘I am the word of eternal life.’
Love loves beyond the end:
there are no rules for love.



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