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Psalm 13

A shooting star


 across the somber sky

leaving the silver edge

of remembrances:


Hugs (missed forever)

never to be regained;

Stories (with endings)

emptied of goodbyes.

Laments (heavy with weeping)

reflecting fractured hearts

broken in turn by distance 

as much death.


Stardust (from the beginning)

baptised in the Breath of God.

For a season (lived, loved and lost)

tethered to the ground

welcomed (in its return)

to the firmament.


Dancing constellations (seen from afar)

tell the tale of countless promises

made and never to be forgotten

even in their leaving.


New stars chase

across the darkened horizon,

moving to other skies

marking others tears

and lives returned to dust.


The world laments, O God.

we never weep alone

plant hope in our hearts,

water it with your love,

let it grow and echo in the promise 

of a creation that

chooses to make

all things new.

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