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of the seventh day
Maker of heaven and earth
and rest
may we make this our sabbath space
our silent place
our reflective place
where we might find ourselves once more
the real self
not as the world sees us
but as you know us
may we restore such value of our humanity
may we find that worth
that love
which created us
and enjoy it
and know it
and welcome it

and may we turn from ourselves
and see beyond our own skin
to your reflection
in each other
the wonder of who each person is
and make the time
and shape the space
in our world
to appreciate such things again

may we step out of the race
make our excuses
turn from the pressures
the deadlines
the economies
and find the greater value
in making space for rest
and peace between us
and contemplation
and reflection
on our lives
and values

Loving God
may we make space
to find our worth again
in your holy community
a sacred space
that welcomes all
to find who they really are
beyond the world
and within the love
you made each of us with

Holy God
in such a place
may we find ourselves
and find you.



Ten Commandments (2)

                          Exodus 19:1-6, 20:7-11

The Named

Loving God
in your name
in the name of love
in the name of justice
in the name of hope
we pray for our world
for our neighbours
our parish
and families

in your name
the name of reconciliation
the name of peace
the name of compassion
we pray for those places in conflict
in Syria and Yemen
that seems so distant from peace
hear us


in your name
the name of welcome
and inclusion
and understanding
we pray for neighbourhoods and communities
where prejudice and exclusivity
rises to the surface
where fear is how we react to our neighbour


in your name
the name of sabbath
of space
of freedom
we pray for those trafficked
and those whose lives have no rest
where an economy is ruthless
and anxiety is everyday


in your name
the name of challenge
the name of risk
the name of diversity
may we challenge that which limits life
austerity of love and compassion
that keeps people poor
a way of organising society
that increases the gap between rich and poor


in your name
we pray for our families and friends
for those ill and those recovering
those worried
those grieving
those hurting
those not sure what to do
in your name
of invitation
of compassion
of love
we pray



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