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A place of peace
in a world of questions

A place of celebration
in a world that fears

A place of community
in a world of disunity

A place of belonging
in a world that has forgotten

A place of welcome
in a world that doesn’t

A place of grace
in a world of power

In everything we do
and say
and believe
one word rises to the surface here

shaped in water
spoken in kindness
and offered unconditionally:


Come let us love each other
as we are loved by God




                          Ruth 1:1-22

Loving God:
the pause in our week
the breath in our living
the silence in all noise
the hope in our world
the lull in our fear
the question in our certainty,
here we draw ourselves
into the fullness of your presence
that shape of love
that holds us
and unfolds creation
that we might be touched by grace
renewed by forgiveness
and understood,
unique as we are

Loving God
may we know this place
as a meeting place
of heaven and earth

May we recognise
the things of heaven here
of water poured
and community met
and belonging offered
before believing happens

May we realise
again for the first time
the love that sustains us
and the hope that keeps us
and dream that inspire us
in this world
towards each other

and shape here
a forgiving place
a belonging place
a loving place
for all

So be it


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