Five Things to do with the Apostles Creed over Lent



At the first #CREED we recognised how significant it was that we were exploring the creed during Lent. Lent is a season to strip down and get unplugged from all the decor of our faith. It is a time to do something different and create space that reminds us of the travelling in faith that is part of our heritage.


So a few suggestions were offered via the creed to help us recognise this was a special season that brings us closer to our faith:





After each Sunday rewrite the part of the creed we look at that day having heard the preacher and discussion.


Whatever you wrote is not necessarily for public view (though it could be) but a way for each of us to reimagine these ancient words in language we are more familiar with.

At the beginning of Lent write down how you feel about the Creed: the questions, the images, the concerns etc you have about it and then fold them away in an envelope.


At the end of the five weeks, again write down your thoughts, questions and images having listened and explored the creed through the different speakers and discussions we will have had and see the journey you've taken.

Read the Creed each day, slowly, playing with the sound of each word and what you think of each. Alternatively do this for the part of the creed we will explore each week and see if we become more familiar with it and hear these words differently as it is preached and discussed.

As you read each word or line of the creed list the stories you know from the Bible and wider from the faith that speak into each of them (Creation, Noah, Psalm 8 etc) and see if they help unpack some of the thoughts that lie behind the words of the creed.

Think about what is missing from the creed and perhaps, in your own words, add some lines.






If you would like to share some of the thoughts, rewrites or reimaginings you create over Lent then please send them to us anonymously. It would be great to be able to put some of these together in the booklet we hope to create at the end and show people the humanity, creativity, imagination and honesty of God's People.

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