our worship


The Female of the Species:


Exodus 2:1-10


12 noon Midweek Service 

Followed by lunch


Sunday 7th August


9.30: Something Different

30 minute intergenerational worship in the Hall

10.30: Something Classical

The traditional service in the Church

Roddy Hamilton

No Evening Service

Windows in the Church

Our membership invitation:


We invite you:
to join us in our growing relationship with God
whose creative and transforming love was shown
in the person and life

of Jesus the Lord
and whose spirit is alive in us today
as we create God's family here,
gathering and journeying together
in faith and love,
worship and life.



We invite you:
to join us in reading and reflecting on the Bible’s story
inviting it to continually reshape our lives
and to live out our prayers in the world
that God's love may be shared


We invite you:
to join us by living fully in the world,
sharing the amazing talents, gifts and resources
we have been given,
so that in the loving of our neighbour
we might help transform the world.



Bearsden Festival arrives on 3-4 September. A great community event over the weekend for everyone.

Go to the website to find out what is going on. As new information arrives we'll put it on the website so bookmark it to visit often, or go to our facebook page.



What is there to beleive anymore now we've found the Higgs Boson and travelled to Pluto?

What does Church mean when your world view isn't based on a single denomination or faith?

What does it make me if I believe less in stuff and things like heaven and hell and more in values and principles, less about feeding 5000 and water walking and more about justice and right, less about what happened on the cross and more about why it happened?

And who wrote the Bible anyway?

Our enquirers class for teenagers and 20s exploring beyond the traditional and into the future of church, faith and belief.

Second half of August and beginning of September. More details soon.

We invite you:
to trust in grace
and speak out in the spirit of Jesus,
and together with us
follow love's journey
through every act and word we give the world.



New Kilpatrick Parish Church

Rev Roddy Hamilton

0141 942 8827

Scottish Charity SC012997

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