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kindness matters

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During May, we threw a spotlight on our mental health and the power of kindness.


We have learnt that amid the fear of Covid-19, there is community, support and hope. And we all have a part to play.

We've seen this in our rainbows, volunteering to help care for others, knitting hearts for families, Zoom calls with lonely grandparents... lots of ways.

We make a better world when we turn our attention towards others. Helping others is good for our own mental health and wellbeing, too.

So invited children and young people in the church and across Bearsden to get creative. They have created stories, poetry and pictures about how kindness makes us feel, and about how we want to make a better world.

Our gallery of kindness is at the bottom of the page. Thank you to all who submitted work!

Dear new friend...

Join our letter writing campaign >

Floral Card

Send Dear New Friend letters to residents at Mugdock House, Buchanan House and Antonine House to show you care.

MH: Stockiemuir Road, G61 3SF 

BH: 1 Grampian Way, G61 4SP

AH: 16 Roman Road, G61 2SL

Games and books appeal

Family activity packs >

Wooden Puzzle

Please donate used jigsaws, boardgames and books for family activity packs for north west Glasgow, coordinated by local food banks

Collection point is at the Donnan's, 3 Buccleuch Drive, G61 3LW. Leave at porch between 10am- and 2pm.

Button bands for masks

Help for care home workers >


A new sewing group to make bands that help face masks fit better. We'll be sending these to local care homes. Please email Ruth Gettinby or phone her on 07753 186333 if you can help with this. A number have already been dropped at Buchanan House.

Knitted hearts

Tokens of love for bereaved >


While we have some time on our hands, I've been teaching my wee boy to knit. It's a small thing to do, but it feels right to pass on some love to folk in an unimaginable situation.  

Join Jo and Struan - more info here

Be kind to yourself

Take time to reflect >


Allow yourself space to feel your emotions - you're only human!

This resource from Church of England developed by Prof Chris Cook and Ruth Rice from Renew Wellbeing may help with your thoughts and mental health.

Our Kindness Gallery! ... 

And all posted in the New Halls windows, too

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