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A new year blessing

I wish for you that the fading minutes of one year
expand into plenty in the new year
with enough time to find the gift you are to be

I wish for you that the shadows of last year
transform into the brightness of the new year
and that light leads you hope-filled into the coming days

I wish for you that the joys of the passing year
are multiplied in this coming year
enough to be caught and enjoyed by those around you

I wish for you that the memories from this year
becomes gifts that enrich life next year
and each day is a new page in an album of remembrances

I wish for you the journeys not completed in the old year
become an new adventure in the new year
and you find unending paths to travel

I wish for you the questions of this year
become the inspiration of next year
enough to inspire a whole life of new questions in turn  

I wish for you the worries from this fading year
become the places of faith in this birthing year
that offer strength and vision for the year ahead

I wish for you the love found in the crossing of the years
there before today and there beyond tomorrow
calls you, shapes you and is fulfilled in you
and the one whose love it is, never lets you go

Time for beginning


Time has flown
One year becomes the next
Christmas babies
become child Jesus
new chapters are opening
new years beginning
and we wonder
did we miss something
did we miss the child

For Mary and Joseph
did exactly that:missed the child
lost the son of God

O that the world might yet again do so
this year

May we gather round the hope
that what we found in that crib
was the truth that remains with us all
into new year and beyond

Let us travel
wise ones now
from stable
into the world again
with new hope
a new star
and new possibility

Good morning
and Happy New Year







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